Board-to-Board Mezzanine Connectors

Molex offers the following Product Families that relate to Board-to-Board Mezzanine Connectors.


Molex HD Mezz connectorsHD Mezz
Designed for computer, networking, telecommunications, storage and general market applications with high pin-count devices on mezzanine or module printed circuit boards (PCBs). (View More)

Molex SEARAY mezzanine connectorsSEARAY
SE Array was developed for the large and growing high-density and high-performance mezzanine connector market to accommodate low-profile applications that are not suitable for HD Mezz™ products. ( View More)

Molex-Searay-Slim-thumb.jpgSEARAY Slim
SEARAY* Slim offers a deceivingly narrow profile while providing a robust solution capable of speeds in excess of 12.5Gbps. (View More)

Molex Plateau HS mezzanine connectorsPlateau HS Mezz
Molex utilizes its proprietary Plateau Technology™ to create a high-speed, high-density surface-mounted mezzanine connector system. (View More)