DisplayPort™ Interconnect System

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Molex DisplayPort™ Interconnect Systemis designed for internal and external system solution for high bandwidth audio and video data transfer in the notebook and PC market. The standards, defined by Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), cover provisions for high definition digital audio-video and graphics streaming via the interface through the same cable. This reduces cost and provides ease of use through the plug-and-play feature making DisplayPort™ user- friendly for consumer. The Molex Displayport™ also provides performance scalability for future developments of high quality displays, high color depths and high refresh rates display.

VESA has outlined the main industry objectives for developing the DisplayPort.

VESA Objectives:

  •  Unify external and internal display interfaces
  • Provide scalable performance in terms of resolution, color depth, and refresh rate over fewer wires to support emerging display needs
  • Provide a small, user-friendly external connector
  • Accelerate deployment of protected digital outputs on PCs to broadly support authorized viewing of protected content
  • Enable a digital display connection as a viable alternative to VGA



  • Plastic-locating peg
  • Secure PCB seating during soldering
  • Detent locks
  • Strong mating between plug and receptacle latches
  • Additional security for long cable latching
  • Metal shielding on all sides
  • Superior shielding against EMI solder tab
  • Secure PCB retention and withstands lateral forces
  • Small footprint


  • Personal Computer
  • External Display
  • Projector TV Display
  • DVD Player