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PCI Express is a new serial I/O technology that is compatible with the current PCI software environment. It provides low-cost, scalable performance for the next generation of computing and communications platforms, while also providing a long-term path to improved I/O slots.

The Molex PCI Express products include a series of four edge connectors, each with specific bandwidth capabilities. These connectors are ideal for use in a broad range of computing and data communications applications, including PCs, servers and workstations.

Molex is an active member in the PCI Express working group, and is a key contributor in PCI-SIG to deliver tomorrow" s system bus platform. Molex's PCI Express connector family meets the latest PCI Express specifications. With high data throughput application and requirements, Molex is committed and focusing on high-speed connector development ensuring connector designs that deliver high-speed performance at a low price.

Molex is a leading participant and driver of PCI Express technology-based standards and interconnect products. The widespread acceptance of this newest PCI technology has been enabled by the many connector products and solutions Molex continues to introduce and currently offers to Industry. The demanding requirements of high-density, high-speed, high-performance PCI Express technology are incorporated into the diverse and wide range product offerings from Molex.


  • Complies with the PCI SIG speciication for desktop PCI Express connector implementation
  • Supports 2.5 Gbps data transfer rate (per pair data bandwidth)
  • Scalable modular design maximizes PCI Express card interoperability for user flexibility
  • 1x, 4x, and 8x add-in cards can plug into 16x PCI Express connector
  • Enables hot plug and hot swap
  • Simple through hole design supports low-cost board assembly process


  • Desktop PCs
  • Tower PCs
  • Servers
  • Work Stations