Woodhead® MAX‑LOC® Plus Shielded Cord-Grip Assemblies

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Woodhead® MAX-LOC® Plus Shielded Cord-Grip Assemblies allow OEM’s and end-user’s to connect high-power electrical cables directly to an application via an exterior mounting enclosure, simplifying the installation process for high-volume, cost-sensitive programs. The robust assemblies provide excellent EMI and RFI shielding plus sealing protection (liquids and dust). MAX-LOC® Plus Shielded Cord-Grip Assemblies bring multiple features found across numerous products into a single-product solution. This unique design results in cost and labor savings over conventional industry-standard products. 


  • Nickel-plated aluminum housing and shielding ring
  • Unique grip-body internal cut-away design
  • Tapered shielding ring (as opposed to competitor’s finger contacts)
  • Internal wedge-shaped grommet
  • Two external mounting holes
  • Aluminum die-cast, nickelplated threaded assembly
  • Compression nut
  • Sealed O-ring, IP67 and IP69K rated
  • Grip assembly accommodates 1 AWG, 1/0, 2/0 shielded cables with an expanded range to follow


  • Industrial (Automation)
    • Power-inverter, motor, drive installations
    • Factory automation
    • Process control
  • Aerospace and Defense
    • Hybrid electric vehicles
    • Electrical-vehicle-drive systems
  • Commercial Vehicle
    • Hybrid electric vehicles
    • Construction/agricultural
    • Buses
    • Mining
  • Alternative Energy
  • Telecommunications/Networking
  • HVAC variable-speed motors