4.3-10 RF Connector System and Cable Assemblies

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Molex 4.3-10 RF Connector System and Cable Assemblies meet the performance needs of next-generation mobile network equipment, in a small form factor with best-in-class passive intermodulation (PIM) and less torque than current interfaces.

The evolving demand on bandwidth and cellular radio sensitivity has put greater demands on the transmission of RF signals from the cellular antenna to the remote radio head. At the same time, connector size and weight restrictions have become more stringent. Molex 4.3-10 Connector Solutions offer high-performance RF signal transmission with low-PIM performance and 100% data traceablility with a connector that is 30% smaller and 70% lighter than DIN 7/16.

Coaxial jumpers vary in length and connector interfaces but all require premium electrical performance and robust environmental capabilities in order to withstand many years outside in the elements. Molex 4.3-10 Coaxial Jumpers are factory fabricated and consist of a one-piece, patent-pending boot that is weatherproof, making it ideal for outdoor cellular sites.

Telecom OEMs and wireless service providers require jumpers in varying lengths and with various connector interfaces. Molex delivers custom assemblies with 4.3-10 connectors.


  • 30% smaller than DIN 7/16 connectors
  • Three mating options for right-angle and vertical plugs (hand tight, quick lock and torque)
  • Low-PIM performance (160dBc @ 2x43dBm)
  • Custom, factory-made low-PIM cable jumper assemblies (12.7mm [1/2"] coaxial cable, 9.53mm [3/8"] coaxial able)
  • Patent-pending weatherproof boots