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molex-custom-internal-antennas-sm.jpgCustom Internal Antennas

custom antennas and assemblies for wireless and mobile applications; particularly for 3D antennas produced by LDS and two-shot technology, specializing in customized designs with a focus on small multiband antennas (including Pentaband and 4G LTE) and complementary (NFC, internal FM, BT/GPS, WLAN) antennas.

molex-LaserDirect-Structuring-LDS-Technology-sm.jpgLaser Direct Structuring (LDS) Technology

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) Technology offers flexibility and geometric 3D design freedom in making antenna products beyond the previously often used flex-antenna technologies, which only allow a maximum 2.5 D design of the antenna radiator. Using a 3D laser system, LDS technology allows the transfer of the antenna design from CAD data onto a molded antenna carrier or even directly onto the device structure.

molex-standard-antennas-sm.jpgStandard Antennas

On the industrial side, global smart grid deployments are leading in M2M (machine-to-machine) wireless communication. In consumer markets, wireless internet television and audio dominate. Many wireless devices are better served with a standard antenna rather than a customized one.

molex-MediSpec-MID-LDS-Capabilities-sm.jpgMediSpec™ MID/LDS Capabilities

Molex has developed an innovative Molded Interconnect Device/Laser Direct Structuring (MID/LDS) capability under MediSpec™ that will allow medical device designers to integrate highly complex electrical and mechanical features into highly compact applications.

molex-Flex-PCB-Antenna-Technology-sm.jpgFlex PCB Antenna Technology

Molex’s flex PCB antenna is a cost-efficient solution combined with the opportunity to integrate components such as speakers, LED’s, switches and more via reflow- and assembly processes. The flex PCB antenna manufacturing allows 2.5D design freedom, can be combined with in-molded metal pieces and cosmetic labels or coatings.

molex-MobliquA-Antenna-Technology-sm.jpgMobliquA™ Antenna Technology

The new MobliquA™ antenna capability incorporates proprietary bandwidth-enhancing technologies, which have been used successfully in Molex standard and custom antenna designs. The MobliquA technology is designed to improve impedance bandwidth in any application that has a wireless interface antenna, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablet and laptop devices, portable TVs, and standard antennas in industrial applications.

molex-RF-microwave-products-sm.jpgRF/Microwave Products

RF coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and unique solutions for today's cutting edge applications, covering frequencies from DC to 65 GHz. Markets supported include military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, telecom and wireless.

molex-3D-Custom-Circuitry-with-MID-LDS-Technology-sm.jpg3D Custom Circuitry with MID/LDS Technology

With the continuing push for smaller electronics and increased device functionality, there is a need for technologies that can maximize space, reduce cost, lower weight and offer more features; manufacturers are being driven to meet these stringent demands. MID (molded interconnect device) / LDS (laser direct structuring) manufacturing technology offers the unique ability to solve these requirements due to its 3D selective trace functionality, coupled with the flexibility of using injection.