Automotive Bulb Sockets

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Molex Bulb Sockets provide high-quality performance, robust designs and a wide selection for automotive applications.

S8 Wedge-Type
Molex's S8 wedge-style bulb socket is the first version in the market to feature a one-piece design, which simplifies assembly and reduces inventory and component costs.

The Molex S8 bulb socket also includes a patented individual wire seal design that provides easy attachment during the crimping process, along with superior sealing and usability.

Push-and-Turn (PT) Type
Molex's standard PT sockets are primarily used for rear-combination and turn-signal lamps. These proven sockets accept industry-standard bulbs in simple, lightweight designs.

Standard Wedge-Type
Molex's standard wedge-type bulb sockets with robust design are ideal for harsh environments such as door courtesy lamps, back-plate lamps, tail-signal lamps, and front-and-rear combination lamps. The wedge-style mating interface is user-friendly and offers space savings.


  • Compact one-piece designs
  • Wide variety of keying and color options
  • Durable high temperature material
  • Waterproof sealing options
  • Single and double filament styles


  • Aerospace and Defense
    • Transportation lighting
  • Automotive
    • Automotive Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicle
    • ATVs
    • Tractors
    • Trucks