Brad® Micro-Change® M12 CHT Connector and Cordsets

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Based on the Brad® circular M12 threaded coupling design, the innovative Micro-Change® Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) connector combines Cat5e Ethernet data traffic with power lines in a small build size. The fully shielded 4-pin array (2 shielded pairs) is enclosed by a wrap-around metal tube shield (patent pending) which allows for optimum signal integrity and performance. The two overlapping metal tubes channel the signal through the connector without disturbance of cross-talk and EMI (electro-magnetic interference).

The 8-pole (4+4) CHT connector features two Cat5e Ethernet data lines and 4 power lines capable of carrying up to 6.0A. In the 6-pole (4+2) format, two Cat5e Ethernet data lines and 2 power lines carry up to 10.0A. Combining power and data lines into one connector reduces cabling requirements and lowers installation time and associated costs. The sealed CHT connector system is ideal for, but not limited to, industrial process and automation control applications, HVAC control systems, telecoms infrastructure and base stations. Micro-Change® CHT connectors and cordsets are also suitable for many other rugged applications that require power and data in one device.

The shielding concept of the Micro-Change® CHT connector is not limited to the shown M12 build size. Different form factors, for example M16 and M23, could be developed based on a customer’s application requirements.


  • Shielded cable for Cat5e Ethernet performance
  • Cat5e Ethernet data lines and power lines, carrying 6.0A (8-pole) or 10.0A (6-pole) in one connector
  • Fully shielded Cat5e 4-pin array with a wrap-around metal tube shielding
  • IP67-sealed interface
  • Cordsets feature M12 overmolded male-to-male CHT cable connectors


  • Automation controls
  • HVAC controls
  • Machine builders
  • Manufacturing cells
  • Plant-floor data networks
  • Process controls
  • Robotic and other machine control
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Vision systems
  • Docks / marinas
  • In-vehicle data systems
  • Railways
  • Subways
  • Telematics