Brad® Passive-Signal and Safety MPIS Boxes

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Rugged, sealed M8 and M12 Passive Signal MPIS Boxes, featuring high-performance WSOR cable, achieve quick, easy and reliable connections of high-density industrial signal IOs and simplify wiring in harsh factory-automation environments

Conventional high-complexity hard-wiring installations can cost a great deal of time to connect, cause difficulty when trouble shooting problems and long downtimes during maintenance. Limited space in machine and control system to install wiring juction box. Limited buget in purchasing connectivity products.

Pre-wired IP67-sealed compact ruggedized MPIS boxes can meet requirements of the most challenging installation environment; enabling fast, flexible and highly-reliable, cross-field signal connections to controllers. Because the MPIS boxes streamline wiring, maintenance is simplified and plant downtime minimized. Dual-wired M12 Passive Signal MPIS boxes save space by offering the possibibility to connect 2 sensors per port; a 4-port M12 dual-wired box can connect 8 sensors without increasing the size of the housing. Total installation cost of soft-wired MPIS box solution compared to hard wiring junction box offers attractive and competitive price.


  • Pre-wired passive MPIS (Multi-Port Interconnection System) junction box with home-run cable or M23/ M16 home-run connector port
  • IP67- / IP68-rated
  • Weld-Slag and Oil-Resistant (WSOR) home-run cable
  • LED Indicators
  • IEC-compliant M12 / M8 interfaces


  • Commercial Vehicle
    • Agricultural machines
    • Construction vehicles
    • Garbage trucks
    • Military vehicles
  • Industrial Automation
    • Automotive production line
    • Conveyor systems
    • Food and beverage processing
    • Machine builders
    • Material handling
    • Robot and other machine control