Ditto(TM) WTW Positive & Friction Lock Connectors

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Ditto™ Positive Lock– a hermaphroditic (or genderless), single-housing-and-terminal interconnect system – supports low-amperage (down to 4.2A), 20-26 AWG wire size applications with half the required application tooling, setup time and cost incurred in dual-gender wire-to-wire equivalents. These connectors enable faster tool setup with no machine changeover needed, which increases operational efficiency and reduces customer inventories, spares and costs. The ready-to-use positive lock pigtail harnesses cuts assembly and application-processing time significantly.


  • Positive (dual) lock feature on polarized housing
  • Anti-twist housing feature
  • Glow wire housings
  • Reinforced wing-style crimp terminals
  • Polarization features on terminal
  • Pre-assembled 6 and 12-inch pigtail wire harnesses


  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Connected Lighting
  • Consumer