Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies

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High-performance, Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies replace stiff and difficult-to-install semi-rigid assemblies. Constructed from Temp-Flex® coaxial cables and Molex RF connectors, the Flexible Microwave Cables offer excellent electrical properties and are assembled using proprietary techniques to minimize Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) and insertion loss for the ideal cable and connector combination.

The cables come standard with silver-plated conductors, fluoropolymer (FEP) dielectric, double shields and FEP jacket. The solid-core low-loss cables use proprietary low-loss FEP dielectric with 70% velocity of propagation (VOP). The air-dielectric ultra-low-loss cables use a unique air-enhanced design with up to 87% VOP.

Connector options include SMA, 2.92, SMP, SMPM and many others.


  • Cable impedance of 50 +/- 1 Ohms
  • Dual shielded using helically wrapped foil covered by a braided shield
  • Solid-core low-loss fluoropolymer (FEP) assemblies
  • Air-Dielectric Ultra-Low-Loss assemblies
  • Proprietary Air-Dielectric Ultra-Low-Loss connector-to-cable termination expertise


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Missile
  • Radios
  • Test cables
  • Telecommunications/Networking
  • Access controllers
  • Base stations
  • Repeaters