0.20mm Pitch FPC connector (Right Angle Surface Mount)

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This 504070 series FPC connector includes a spring terminal design that provides more secure contact retention force. This is achieved by bottom terminals that move with the cable in case it is pulled up or down to assure that electrical contact is maintained between the cable pads and terminals. A dual-contact design can accept cable in the top or bottom position. This provides design flexibility to mate with the same connector or a different top-or bottom-mount type.

The 504070 series also includes clearance between the housing and solder tails to prevent flux intrusion, and low-halogen housing material to meet environmental requirements.


• Ultra-fine-pitch, low profile, short length and narrow depth design
• Dual-contact terminal design
• BackFlip™ actuator
• No prohibited pattern area under housing
• Moving contact structure
• Clearance between housing and solder tails


• Smart phone/mobile phone
• Tablet PC
• Digital still camera/video camera
• Portable navigation equipment
• Portable game
• Notebook PC