HOZOX EMI Absorption Sheet & Tape

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HOZOX achieves superior EMI noise mitigation through a unique layered design of magnetic and conductive/dielectric material. The magnetic layer’s powder composite absorbs lower frequency electromagnetic energy, while the conductive layer’s powder and high-loss dielectric resin absorb higher frequency electromagnetic energy.

HOZOX absorption sheets and tape are insulated on one side so they can be placed in contact with any low-power active components, such as digital or analog ICs. With a thickness of only 100 microns, the dual-layer structure gives a device manufacturer or electronics OEM the competitive advantage of mitigating radiated EMI noise in an ultra-broad spectrum.


• Broadband high performance EMI noise absorption capabilities from 10MHz ~ 10GHz
• Thin structure (0.1mm*)
• Customizable form and shape
• Can be applied to electronic devices with critical form factors and limited space
• Easily die-cut to fit specific configurations
• Improved product performance by suppressing unwanted radiated emissions
• Meet governmental EMC regulations worldwide


• Medical
• IT Equipment
• Consumer Electronics
• Telecommunications
• RF & Microwave devices