Impel™ Backplane Interconnect System

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Leading the datacom computing markets with high data-rate and high-density solutions, the Impel™ Backplane Interconnect System provides a scalable price-for-performance solution enabling customers to secure a high-speed 25 and 40 Gbps footprint.

Molex continues to lead development in the backplane and cable assembly market through innovative connector products. Customers are currently designing new high-end system architectures that will require data-rate improvements. The Impel™ Backplane Interconnect System provides the footprint and interface that will enable customers to migrate to faster data rates (40 Gbps), without completely re-designing their architecture or replacing hardware already placed in the data-center, while meeting the mechanical density requirements being driven by the industry.


• Designed for a direct connection of PCBs in an orthogonal orientation
• Shorter line cards and switch-module signal paths versus typical routed backplane connections
• Two compliant-pin attach options and 18 to 72 differential pairs per orthogonal node
• Molex patent-pending Impel™ connector technology with tightly coupled differential-pair structure
• Compact, compliant-pin backplane and daughtercard connectors with data rates scalable from 25 to 40 Gbps
• Multiple pitch options available
• 92 Ohms nominal impedance
• Optimized wafer structure


• Telecommunication Applications
    o Hubs, switches, routers
    o Central office, cellular infrastructure and multi-platform service, (DSL, Cable Data)
• Data Networking Equipment
    o Servers
    o Storage systems
• Industrial Equipment
• Military/Aerospace Equipment