In-Vehicle USB Charger for BC 1.2 Profile

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With the exploding growth of infotainment, automobiles are designed with multiple USB chargers, which can add to manufacturing costs. This single charger eliminates tooling and engineering support, reducing overall costs Molex designs custom in-vehicle smart chargers that follow a device’s profile and provide the maximum power allowed by the device manufacturer, ensuring fast and effective charging.


  • Pre-assembled active USB charger with PCB routing and mechanical enclosure design
  • Smart technology that communicates with plugged-in mobile devices
  • Compliant with Battery Charging (BC) 1.2 standards
  • Voltage compensation
  • Designed for existing rocker-switch panels for commercial vehicles


  • Commercial Vehicle
    • Trucks
    • Agriculture
    • Bus
    • RVs
    • Military Vehicles
    • Boat/Marine
    • Airplane
    • Construction
  • Automotive
    • Cell Phone/Smartphone Charging