KK® 396 Connector System

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Power application KK® 396 connectors are ideal for use in industries such as automotive, medical and consumer. Dual-cantilever terminals offer a square-post contact area that interfaces with the male pin header through a spring-like contact. Available in 18 to 24 AWG wire, anti-fishing options are available to protect the wire during cable assembly.

MarKK™ terminals are used to provide a high-force interface, ensuring a solid-performing contact for power applications up to 13.0A and 600V per circuit. KK 396 headers are available in single-row, unshrouded through-hole PCB termination styles in solid and breakaway varieties. A friction lock is available for a more secure mating interface and kinked PC tails ensure contact with the PCB during solder processing.

KK 396 PCB receptacles are available in right-angle, top-entry and board-through configurations. Housings have built-in polarization features and are available in UL 94V-2 and UL 94V-0 nylons.


• Optional Trifurcon™, three point contact, dual cantilever terminal
• Friction locking headers and receptacles
• Polarizing header backwalls, polarizing ribs on receptacles and polarizing pegs
• KK RPC headers offered in high-temperature nylon and reflow matte-tin plating
• PCB retention pegs on headers


• Automotive
    o Control modules
    o Interior lighting
    o Stereos
    o Window defrosters
• Consumer
    o Fire alarms / smoke detectors
    o Garage doors
    o Home Appliance
    o Vending Machines
• Industrial
    o Automation equipment
    o Robotics
• Medical