One-Touch LVDS FFC Connector, 0.50mm Pitch

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Both the one-piece and two-piece LVDS (Low-voltage differential signaling) systems can be used with regular FFC cable for standard speed requirements, or with shielded FFC for high-speed requirements. Grounding terminals on both systems, when combined with shielded cable, provide superior noise suppression and signal-line impedance control for high-frequency, low-power requirements such as LVDS.

One-piece system: Our original style of FFC connectors for LVDS applications is a traditional one-piece type where the FFC is inserted directly into the FFC PCB connector. This style offers simplicity and reduced component usage to provide assembly time and cost savings. The system features wide, robust grounding terminals that provide strong PCB retention and a stable ground plane. On the vertical version, the ground terminals also serve as the main solder tabs, which saves space and eliminates the need for extra solder tabs on each connector end.

Two-piece system: Our latest version is a two-piece type that is ideal for applications like flat-panel display TVs that require high circuit-size connections. This new two-piece system provides a cost-effective replacement for wire-to-board connectors. The two-piece design ensures that the FFC can be inserted easily and safely without being damaged, as can happen with large circuit-size one-piece FFC application designs.


• One-touch cable insertion
• Side locking latches
• Integral metal shield and grounding tabs
• High cable retention force
• Industry-standard footprint
• Rounded cable release side locks


• Flat Panel TV
• PC
• Other devices with flat panel display
• Car Audio
• Gaming Machines