Micro-Fit* TPA Single Row Receptacle

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Micro-Fit* TPA Single Row Receptacle features a one-piece housing design with an integrated secondary lock to ensure proper mating and prevent terminal back-outs.


• Terminal position assurance (TPA) with integrated secondary lock
• Compatible with all existing Micro-Fit* 3.0 headers and plugs
• One-piece housing and terminal lock design
• Single-row, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations immediately available with 2 to 7 circuits; Contact Molex for 8 to 12 circuits
• Fully polarized housings
• Utilizes all existing Micro-Fit* 3.0 crimp terminals
• Fully isolated contacts on each side of the interface


• Consumer/Home Appliance
• Data/Computing
• Telecommunications/Network
• Automotive/Commercial Vehicle