Microcoaxial RF Connectors

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The Molex Microcoaxial connector has a very low profile and works up to 6 GHz making it well suited for wireless LAN applications, mobile phones, radio-communication equipment, measurement equipment, GPS systems and bluetooth applications.

The cable-mount, right-angle plug is only available terminated either as a complete cable-assembly or pigtail assembly. The connector assembly can be used in conjunction with our surface-mount PCB jacks, which are available in tape-and reel packaging. Various RF connector interfaces are available as part of the Micro Coaxial complete assembly.


• Low-profile design
• Frequency range up to 6 GHz
• Designed for use with 0.81, 1.13, 1.32 and 1.37mm cable types


• Mobile communications
• Computers
• Mobile gaming devices
• Mobile phones
• Wifi, WiMAX
• M2M communications
• Telemetry
• Computer connections and systems