Mini-Fit Sr.™ Power Connectors

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Strong economic, ethical and environmental considerations drive electronic industries to replace gold (Au) with alternative plating material on connectors. Although noble metals such as palladium (Pd), iridium (Ir), platinum (Pt) provide good corrosion-resistance, these are not practical for use by virtue of availability and cost reasons. Silver (Ag) – a noble metal with corrosion resistance qualities along with sound conductive and mechanical properties – is accepted by industry standards as a less costly and viable plating-alternative to gold (Au).

Applications which use tin (Sn) as plating metal face fretting corrosion issues. Customers that use gold (Au) as plating alternative find the solution too cost-prohibitive. Molex’s silver-plating not only addressed cost issues associated with gold (Au) as a plating material but eliminated fretting corrosion issues common with Tin-plated systems. Molex’s offering of silver-plated parts provides maximum investment protection to customer applications in both short and long term.


• Silver-plated contacts
• High amperage (50.0A) isolated contacts
• Polarized housing design
• Dual-beam (female) terminal design
• Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) retainer required on housings


• Construction equipment
• Farm equipment
• Heavy equipment systems
• Recreational vehicles
• Trucks
• Refrigerator
• Washing machine
• Automation equipment
• Conveyor belt
• Process Controls
• X-ray
• Router/Switch