Molex Mini-Fit® Connectors

Molex offers the following Product Families that relate to Mini-Fit® Connectors.

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Mini-Fit® BMI | Molex

Mini-Fit® BMI | Molex 4.20 mm (.165") pitch Mini-Fit connectors with Blind Mate Interface, allow up to 9.0A per circuit and misalignment of up to 2.54mm (.100") pitch. ( more info )

Mini-Fit® CPI | Molex

Mini-Fit® CPI | Molex 4.20 mm (.165") pitch compliant pin interface. Press-fit headers eliminate the need for soldering and allow up to 8.0A per circuit. ( more info )

Mini-Fit® H2O | Molex

Mini-Fit® H2O | Molex The sealed Mini-Fit® H2O IP67-rated system with pre-installed seals meets the need for weatherproof, compact connections in wire-to-wire applications up to 9.0A per circuit. ( more info )

Mini-Fit® Plus HCS | Molex

Mini-Fit® Plus HCS | Molex 4.20mm (.165") pitch Mini-Fit Plus HCS terminals for current up to 13.0A are used with all Mini-Fit crimp receptacle housings. ( more info )

Mini-Fit® RTC | Molex

Mini-Fit® RTC | Molex Mini-Fit Jr.™ headers now reflow temperature compatible. Mini-Fit RTC has same features as Mini-Fit Jr.™ plus is lead-free process compatible. ( more info )

Mini-Fit® TPA | Molex

Mini-Fit® TPA | Molex 4.20 mm (.165") pitch. For high current/density applications that require a redundant terminal retention feature. Capable of handling up to 9.0A. ( more info )

Mini-Fit Jr.™ | Molex

Mini-Fit Jr.™ | Molex The established Mini-Fit family is designed for higher current / higher density applications which require design flexibility for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and board-to-board configurations. Mini-Fit is ideal for power applications for up to 13A that require a small footprint. ( more info )

Mini-Fit SMC™ | Molex

Mini-Fit SMC™ | Molex 4.20 mm (.165") pitch Surface Mount Compatible. Allows up to 12.0A per circuit. ( more info )

Mini-Fit Sr.™ | Molex

Mini-Fit Sr.™ | Molex Minifit Sr. carries on the excellent tradition established by our original Minifit Jr. re-packaged into an economical high current wire-to-board or wire-to-wire power connector system. A simple crimp contact drives up to 50 amperes per contact while maintaining ease of termination and acquisition costs. ( more info )