MX120G™ Sealed Connectors

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Molex’s MX120G™ Connector system is a highly compact, sealed, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board family of interconnects that delivers optimal performance especially in wet, high-vibration and wide-operating-temperature conditions. Designed for rugged, harsh-environment non-automotive applications; the IP67-rated, MX120G interconnect system can be extended to exterior lighting applications that include traffic and overhead street lights; and is a more reliable and less expensive solution to pre-crimped wire-seal alternatives.

The MX120G wire-to-wire and wire-to-board receptacles feature a single-piece pre-assembly comprising of a high-temperature connector housing, male silicone seal and a seal cap for strain relief – all pre-assembled and ready for easy crimp insertion. Standard through-hole male headers have a 3.20mm pitch footprint that makes ample room for PCB traces to support 7 to 10.5A of current over a range of FLRY-B* wire sizes.

The connector’s built-in positive locking feature ensures robust terminal retention while preventing any accidental terminal back out. Its unique twist-lock design ensures proper terminal alignment of the header contacts with those of the female receptacle thus eliminating the need for any fasteners.

Also available are female cavity plugs to allow selective sealing of circuit voids in female receptacles for both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board applications; and Receptacle-side Crimp Terminals that accept FLRY-B* wire sizes of 0.35 to 1 sq. mm conductor diameter for multiple cable configurations and added flexibility. Color codes on each component of the Wire-to-Board assembly make identification very easy.


• Reduced 3.20mm (mating) pitch design
• Meets IP67 ratings with wide operating temperature range of -40 to +105°C
• High-vibration resistance up to 10G acceleration
• Single-piece construction of the female receptacle comprising a pre-assembled connector housing with matte silicone seal and seal-cap
• Mounted male header comes with a self-guiding slot for easy assembly into the ECU (Engine Control Unit) box


• Commercial Vehicle
    o Agriculture and worksite vehicles/Buses/Golf carts/Jet skis/Motorcycles/Recreational vehicles/Scooters/Snowmobiles
• Industrial Automation
    o Construction equipment/Marine equipment/Oil and gas installations
• Medical
    o Splash-proof medical equipment
• Solid State Lighting
    o Overhead street lights/Traffic lights