Nano-Fit Power Connectors

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Nano-Fit™ Power Connectors deliver both fully protected header terminals and a small package, while also offering keying options to ensure proper mating and terminal position assurance (TPA) to reduce terminal backout.

Power-application customers are faced with the decision of choosing between headers with exposed terminals, leaving connectors susceptible to damage, and large, fully-isolated headers that take up too much space. Compact Nano-Fit connectors provide design engineers fully protected header terminals in a small package. Another challenge that design engineers face is meeting the requirement to use multiple headers of the same circuit size on one PCB. This complicates the assembly due to possible mis-mating of a receptacle to the wrong header. Nano-Fit connectors offer different mechanical keying options, enabling customers to reduce the risk of cross mating while improving assembly speed with color-coding logic.


  • The smallest, fully-isolated headers in the market
  • Multiple mechanical keying and color-coded options
  • Optional TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) retainer
  • Ultra-low mate force terminal
  • Positive-lock housing with anti-snag design


  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Telecom/Networking