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The continued miniaturization of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards with the introduction of Nano-SIM – a 4th generation SIM card standard - to make PCB space for more electronic components, a larger battery and slimmer phone design, has left micro-SIM card users with existing cards that are too big and too thick to fit standard sized Nano-SIM card sockets. Some users have resorted to trimming their micro-SIM cards to fit the smaller socket but realize their micro-SIM cards are still too thick to fit sockets that accept only standard, 0.67mm height Nano-SIM cards.

Molex has designed a Nano-SIM card socket shell with a 1.30mm profile height to enable use of standard height (0.67mm) Nano-SIM cards as well as the thicker (0.76mm) specially fitted micro-SIM cards. The series is used with a 0.30mm block-style SIM connector (series 78545) to provide a high contact normal force (0.30N) that ensures card-to-socket contact integrity and electrical reliability.

The 3-piece socket design with its separate block-style SIM connector and the ejector tray lowers the risk of SMT warpage especially during high IR-processing temperatures.

This compact set of components comes complete with card polarization and detection, as well as tray-locking features. Removal of SIM card is easy. Simply insert a paper clip (with 0.80mm diameter) into the pin-hole located on the right of the tray cover and the tray ejects instantly.

All parts are halogen-free for environmental sustainability and are shipped in embossed tape-on-reel packaging.


  • High-temperature thermoplastic housing
  • Withstands lead-free processing
  • Smooth edges around contact
  • Prevent damaging of SIM card
  • Round contact design
  • Allows good contact between card and connector


  • Mobile Phones