Molex Slim-Grid Board-to-Board Connectors

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Based on a 1.27 by 1.27mm-grid pattern, this high-current density board-to-board interconnect solution offers complete design flexibility and higher current density per inch to support variety of data, automotive, industrial and consumer board-to-board and cable-to-board applications

Customers from a variety of industry sectors are asking for a 'future-proof' interconnect solution that can support long life-cycles similar to the Milli-GridTM family but with the following requirements: smaller than 2.00mm-pitch size; preferably shrouded; include inter-locking and polarization features; preferably SMT but with options of through-hole variants; higher current density per inch than Milli-Grid connectors.

Building on a comprehensive list of potential customer requirements and soliciting further inputs from the field, Molex developed an array of board-to-board connector solutions to satisfy customer requirements including (but not limited to the following): 1.27mm-pitch (base on a 1.27 by 1.27mm-grid pattern); shrouded housing for maximum terminal protection; unshrouded variants available for greater design flexibility; robust locking mechanism that ensures mating reliability; choice of SMT and through-hole mounting; supports 4.3A per circuit.


  • Locking Windows/Ramp ensures robust connector retention when mated
  • Single-sided Polarization Slot prevents wrong orientation and mis-mating. Improves mating for smaller circuit sizes of 6 and below
  • Locating Pegs (Shrouded Right Angle Header, Through-hole) ensures precise connector positioning on PCB


  • Automotive
    • Car audio
    • Navigation Systems
  • Consumer
    • Drones
    • Energy efficient appliances
    • Home theaters
    • White goods
  • Smart Phones and Mobile Devices
    • Portable electronic devices
    • Smartphones
  • Telecommunications/Networking
    • Hubs
    • Routers
    • Servers
    • Switches