GbX Backplane Connector Systems


The GbX® connector system is designed for leading edge backplane applications that require a speed of 6 to 10Gb/s and high interconnect density. GbX is available in multiple pair differential configurations, integrally shielded with ground planes between both differential pair columns and rows. The GbX connector system has a mating face grid of 1.85mm by 1.85mm and has a plated through hole size of .018" finished. With a native differential signaling speed of 6 Gb/s up to 10Gb/s, GbX is well suited for existing and future generations of XAUI (10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface) and InfiniBand* based systems, in addition to those based on OIF (Optical Internetworking Forum) chip protocols.

The daughter card connector consists of the same stiffener as the VHDM® system, combining the signal wafers, power modules, and guidance modules into one continuous connector that can be ordered as one custom part number.

Molex also has a GbX Reference Backplane which provides multiple PCB routing zone examples for cost-effective 6 to 10Gb/s and higher real systems, along with available active and "pass-through" daughtercards for all architectures.


  • Data rate options up to 10Gb/s - able to support daughtercard speed upgrades 
  • Bifurcated contact beams in daughtercard receptacle - greater reliability with two points of contact to header pin 
  • Modular daughtercard components with GbX L-series available - custom, cost-effective receptacle assemblies 
  • Optimized differential pair contacts - easier board trace routing 
  • Up to 69 real differential pairs per linear inch - 27 real differential pairs per 10mm and high density with more differential pairs per linear inch


  • Internetworking Equipment
    • Servers 
    • Hubs 
    • Routers
  • Telecommunications Equipment
    • Central Office 
    • Cellular Infrastructure and Multi-platform Service (DSL, Cable Data) systems
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment 
  • Test and Measurement Equipment