I-Trac™ Backplane Connector

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The I-Trac™ Backplane Connector System features a broadside-coupled, skew-equalized design that handles speeds up to 12.5+ Gb/s. It offers multiple benefits over other backplane products, including superior impedance control, lower cross-talk and higher overall bandwidth. With its unique open pin-field design, the I-Trac™ System gives customers the flexibility to assign high-speed differential pairs, low-speed signals, power and ground contacts anywhere within the pin-field.

As a press-fit, mono-block system that can be stacked end-to-end to meet customer pin-count requirements, the I-Trac™ System features a flexible design for any configuration. It is well-suited for standard and orthogonal architectures in server, storage, telecommunications and data networking applications. It utilizes the same part numbers for both standard and orthogonal architectures by providing the option to rotate the headers 90 degrees on one side of the mid-plane. This eliminates the need for customers to purchase unique, expensive components normally required with competitive orthogonal products.

The I-Trac™ System supports quad trace routing, which reduces PCB layer count and the associated cost. Mid-plane PCB layers can be reduced even further by leveraging the orthogonal capabilities of the I-Trac™ System. In an orthogonal architecture, the I-Trac™ System completely eliminates the need for PCB traces through the use of shared vias.

The I-Trac System also features integrated guidance options to ensure superior mating performance, versus non-integrated guided solutions. The I-Trac™ System power modules are capable of supporting over 250A of current per linear inch. Additionally, the guidance, power and signal modules are designed to provide superior mating performance in the proper sequences based on each customer's unique application requirements.

Available in a variety of row and column sizes, the I-Trac™ System consists of backplane signal header modules and daughtercard signal modules. It is offered in standard 7-, 11- and 15-row versions, with a 5-row version planned for release in the near future. Module sizes range from 56 to 300 circuits. Other tooled derivatives are also available, including a right angle male (RAM) version for coplanar applications and a mezzanine version for parallel board-to-board, as well as reverse gender solutions.


  • Capable of supporting data rates of 12.5 Gb/s or higher 
  • Broadside-coupled, differential pair system 
  • Differential pair density up to 69 pairs per linear inch using open pin-field design 
  • Allows standard and orthogonal connections using the same parts 
  • Quad PCB routing capability 
  • Integrated guidance 
  • Bifurcated contact beams in daughtercard interface


  • Telecommunications Equipment 
  • Data Networking Equipment 
  • Servers 
  • Test & Measurement Equipment 
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment