HDM Backplane Connectors

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The High Density Metric (HDM)* connector system is designed for applications that require high interconnect density and high-speed signal integrity. Signal modules of 72 and 144 contacts are available.
Daughtercard modules are combined on a metal stiffener so that they are handled as one connector. Special modules are available for power, guidance, mounting and coding functions. These building blocks can be combined to create very large connectors. Connectors with more than 1,000 circuits are not unusual. The power contacts can handle 15A of current per power blade, efficiently delivering hundreds of watts in multiple voltage levels, even in hot plug applications.

HDMPLUS modules have internal ground contacts that provide a ground reference and isolate contacts from each other nearly all the way through the connector, allowing for either low ground ratios, or subnanosecond rise times. Unshielded modules and shielded modules can be combined as needed on a daughtercard and will all mate with the same simple header on the backplane.

The modularity and design flexibility allow engineers to adapt quickly to changing design requirements or future system upgrades without changing systems.


  • 2mm 6-row connector provides 30 contacts per centimeter
  • Designed for high-density/high-speed applications – internal shielding allows sub nanosecond rise times with low crosstalk
  • Shielded and unshielded modules mate with the same backplane header (low cost on backplane)
  • Mix and match signal, power, guidance, shielded modules to optimize the connector to the application
  • Multiple sourced connector (available from Molex and Teradyne) assures intermateability and interchangeability
  • 45A power modules
  • Tail lengths available in 0.5mm increments to optimize to PCB thickness
  • Very low insertion force (0.35N per contact) allows very high pin counts with reasonable mating forces (Approx. 5.5 lb/inch of connector length)
  • Both press-fit and solder tail versions available for backplane and daughtercards
  • Meets Bellcore requirements