VHDM Backplane Connectors

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VHDM is available in 6- and 8-row configurations with interstitial signal and ground shields between columns. The grid of the mating face is 2.00mm (.079") between columns and 2.25mm (.089") between rows. The ground shields are interstitial to the signal grid. Standard VHDM connectors support data rates of 3.125Gbps with less than 5% crosstalk.

The daughter card connector is made from wafers; each wafer has a column of signal contacts plus a ground shield. The wafers are then mounted onto a stiffener to make a monoblock connector. The connector can include signal wafers, guide blocks and power modules.

Backplane headers are available in lengths of 10 and 25 columns; open and guide pin versions are available. Robust free-standing guide pins are also available. Which are mounted directly into the backplane PCB and can accommodate heavier daughter cards.

Molex’s 8-row stacker connector is a mezzanine style interconnect offering 100 signal pins per inch. This stacking connector offers the flexibility of parallel board connection using the same proven wafer design, separable interface and press-fit complaint pins as the standard VHDM connector family. 8-row stacking connectors mate with the standard VHDM 8-row backplane modules (male headers) and support data rates of 3.125Gbps with less than 5% crosstalk.

Advanced Mate Shield vs. Standard Shield

Advanced mate shield chevron tabs can be used for first-make-last-break (FMLB) grounding applications. The tab’s advanced mate shield’s enable electrical (grounding) contact prior to the signal pins 4.25, 4.75, and 5.15mm (.167, .187 and .203"). Advanced mate shields are 1.00mm (.039") taller than standard shields, enabling the chevron tab to engage sooner during mating cycles. See below.


  • 6- and 8-row versions
  • Internal ground shields
  • Press-fit right-angle receptacle
  • Robust modular construction
  • 10.0A power blades


  • Data/Communications
  • Industrial Production Equipment
  • Medical
  • Mil/Aero
  • Networking
  • Telecommunications