VHDM-HSD™ Backplane Connector Overview

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The Very High Density Metric High Speed Differential (VHDM-HSD) 8-row connector system is designed for differential pair architecture applications that require very high interconnect density and higher speed signal integrity than the standard VHDM system in a single ended configuration. The same great modularity features and components of VHDM are provided in the HSD. The modularity of the three signal pairs per column portion of the connector is in increments of 10 and 25 columns for a total of 60 and 150 signal pins per module respectively. All circuits are utilized as signal circuits without the need to use some as ground circuits.

The daughtercard connector consists of the same metal stiffener as the VHDM system combining the signal wafers, power modules and guidance modules into one continuous connector that can be ordered as one custom part number. Since the card pitch of the HSD 8-row system is the same as the standard VHDM 8 row system, both signal wafer types for single ended and differential pair can be used together, even within the same daughtercard metal stiffener if kept as a 10 or 25 column grouping to match to the appropriate backplane header. This modularity and design flexibility allow engineers to incorporate both connector systems on the same platforms. The system is based on a 2.00mm (.079") pitch and includes vertical and right angle products that can be configured up to 2,000 circuits. The maximum length of a daughtercard connector on a single stiffener is 300mm (12").


  • Up to 5.0 Gbps bandwidth per signal pair
  • Ground shields between signal columns provide tightly controlled impedance for rise times down to 50 picoseconds (10-90%)
  • Ground pins are in the same grid as signal pins
  • 6-row or 8-row VHDM-HSD wafers can be applied to the same stiffener as standard VHDM 6-row or 8-row wafers
  • Modular Configurations


  • Data/Communications
  • Industrial Production Equipment
  • Medical
  • Mil/Aero
  • Networking
  • Telecommunications