LC Backplane Connector System (BLC)

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The BLC Backplane Connector System is specifically designed to provide a smooth transition from the PC board mounted and pigtailed active devices (LEDs, lasers, and receivers) to the backplane Fibre optic components using a standard LC interface (1/2 size of the standard SC interface). Pigtailed active devices, located anywhere on the daughter card, are terminated to the card edge mounted BLC connectors. These BLC connectors provide a blind-mating interface through backplane BLC adapters, which are available with either zirconia, ceramic or phosphor bronze sleeves and standard LC input/output ports.


  • Small form factor LC interface - 1/2 scale of current SC connector
  • RJ-45 latch provides easy insertion and removal of LC connection
  • Optional package sizes: 2, 4, and 8 Fibre terminations
  • Discrete tunable ferrule which optimizes insertion loss)
  • Connector isolated to the daughtercard - highly stable
  • Generous axial movement: .020" horizontal axis, .030" vertical axis, and .250" Z-axis
  • High Performance: <0.25dB insertion loss, <50dB return loss
  • Telcordia (Bellcore) 326 compliant - meets industry standards


  • Telecommunication and Data Communication Equipment
  • Transmission
  • Switching
  • Multiplexing