SC Backplane Connector System (BSC)

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The widely-field deployed BSC and BSCII Backplane Connector Systems integrate the NTT standard SC with a blind mating PC board mountable connector through a custom Molex backplane adapter. This system is designed with generous ferrule float to compensate for the imprecision of the card cages. For additional density the connector may be gang mounted. The BSC connector family's blind mating interface provides the daughter card with a plug-in feature that allows the card to be inserted, or exchanged without disrupting the input/output ports or their associated cabling. The BSCII connector, backward compatible with the original BSC, provides additional float in the Y (±.030") and Z (.080") axis. This increased float, provides the BSCII with additional capacity to compensate for the imprecision of card cages. For multiple Fibre applications, alignment pins in the housing allow the connectors to be stacked. BSC/BSCII to standard SC connector mating is accomplished through the BSC/BSCII adapters which are available with either ceramic or metal sleeves. In addition to the traditional SC style adapter, a shuttered SC version, which shields against laser exposure and dust contamination, is also available.


  • PC board mountable: blind mate coupling, removable ferrule assembly, stackable design for multiple channels, floating ferrule design is self-aligning, tunable ferrule design
  • Low insertion loss: single-mode <.15dB typical, multimode <.2 dB typical
  • Backplane adapters: traditional SC style, SC style with shutter


  • Telecommunication Equipment
    • Transmission, Switching, Multiplexing
  • Broadband Equipment
    • Amplifiers
  • Computing Equipment