LC-2 Metallic Optical Connectors

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Molex LC2 metallic optical connectors are a ruggedized, all-metal-housed version of the familiar LC Small Form Factor optical connectors. Molex's LC2 connectors incorporate the ceramic ferrule based, Molex LumaCore™ optical terminus technology. The Molex terminus is designed to achieve superior optical performance in a durable housing that is 100% compatible with the industry standard LC connectors and adapters, not just Molex LC connectors and adapters. Molex's LC2 connectors provide a high-performance, discrete-fiber termination solution for use in equipment designed for severe environments, including military COTS, aviation and aerospace applications. The Molex LC2 connectors are capable of continuous operating temperatures of 135°C with short term temperatures of up to 150°C when used with Molex high temperature optical fibers. Using Molex's LumaCore technology, LC2 connectors are complimentary to other field proven Molex LumaCore based products. The Molex LC2 connector provides a color-coded, anodized-aluminum housing with a stainless-steel latching mechanism to ensure optimal LC performance in harsh mechanical and environmental environments. In addition, the Molex LC2 housings can be removed as needed without disruption of the terminus or crimped jacketing.


  • All metal housing
  • Removable connector housing
  • 1.25mm (0.049") LumaCore terminus
  • Robust connector housing resists breakage, includes durable stainless steel latches and duplex clips
  • High performance ceramic ferrule which provides hex register tuning, available for single-mode and angle-polish applications
  • Enables direct inspection of fiber bonding areas and replacement of connector body components without fiber re-termination
  • Supports many cable sizes and applications including 900µm, 1.60mm (0.63&quoe) and 2.00mm (0.079") as well as 45 and 90° configurations


  • Telecommunications
  • Data
    • LANs
  • WANs
    • Device Terminations
  • Premise Distribution