MZP™ Hard Metric Backplane Connectors

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Molex's new line of MZP™ hard metric connectors meet the high speed and high density needs of today's rugged backplane applications. The 2.00mm (.079") pitch system is IEC 61076-4-101 compliant and includes versions specified for CompactPCI, VMEbus, and proprietary applications.

MZP is a modular connector system using increments of 25mm. The system includes gas tight press-fit headers and receptacles using five rows of signal contacts and one or two rows of outer shield or ground contacts. A total of 15 different contact lengths are offered for sequential mating and hot-swapping capabilities.

The MZP system offers the industry standard options needed for today's popular CompactPCI applications. These include an external metal shield to provide controlled impedance and adequate grounding for high speed environments.

The Molex MZP hard metric connectors are intermateable with other industry standard versions that meet IEC specifications. MZP also offers various unique advantages over competitive versions, and is available now through our various global locations.


  • IEC 1076-4-101 compliant - meets industry standards
  • Intermateable with other IEC compliant versions - sourcing flexibility
  • Molex press-fit contact design - four points of contact and 3kg of retention
  • Split-beam receptacle contact - smooth insertion and 2kg of retention
  • Upper and lower shielding options - high-speed, low cross-talk
  • Multiple pin length - sequenced mating that allows hot swapping
  • Special options for non-standard pin loading - custom capabilities
  • Code keys with color and numerical ID - ensures correct mating


  • High Speed Backplane
  • High Density Backplane