Compression Connector Overview


Molex's micro SMT compression connectors offer design flexibility, reduced component counts and a high degree of manufacturability. Molex is a design leader in providing innovative compression connectors for cellular phones, PDAs and other mobile applications.

While most compression connectors require custom designs, our product line includes working ranges as low as 0.60mm (.024") and pitch sizes from 1.00 to 3.70mm (.039" to .146"). Molex products are optimized for automatic pick-and-placement and contact-to-pad targeting. Our designs have been tested in a variety of manufacturing and field environments to assure appropriate shear strength and thermal tolerances.


  • Ultra low profiles
  • Meets thin portable equipment needs
  • One-piece design
  • Cost-effective, one-step assembly
  • Overall small size
  • Meets tight-packing needs
  • Open vacuum space
  • Enables automated assembly
  • High temperature materials
  • Withstands IR reflow
  • Single-row bifurcated terminal design
  • Reliable two points of contact
  • Dual-row opposing contact design
  • Stable contact forces
  • PCB pegs and solder tabs Assist in board placement and PCB retention
  • Various working ranges
  • Meets specific application needs
  • Stable normal force
  • Secure contact


  • Mobile Phone
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camcorder
  • PDA
  • Notebook PC
  • Voice Recorder
  • Audio Player
  • Portable Game
  • Any small form factor or mobile device