Milli-Grid Connectors

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Molex's Milli-Grid family of high density connectors is based on a 2.00 by 2.00mm (.079" by .079") grid pattern. The system offers complete design flexibility for wire-to-board, board-to-board and cable-to-board connections in PCs, entertainment, telecom and other electronic industries. Compared to traditional 2.54mm (.100") pitch connectors, Milli-Grid connectors offer up to 40% savings in PCB real estate. The Milli-Grid family includes crimp terminals, housings, headers and receptacles. The crimp terminals feature an early entry design that provides longer wiping action for more reliable contact. The receptacles boast a choice of mating styles in top, side and bottom entry in PCB, IDT and FPC versions. Headers are available in both shrouded and unshrouded styles.


  • Early entry system crimp terminals; Provides long pin wipe
  • Center polarization key; Prevents mismating
  • Locking ramps; Provides strong retention force to header
  • IDT receptacle strain relief (optional); Enhances cable retention
  • Center polarization slot; Prevents mismating
  • Locking windows; Secures firm locking to receptacle
  • Marking feature; Provides marking for first circuit location


  • Office Machines
  • Computers/Peripherals
  • Measuring/Analyzing Equipment
  • Entertainment
  • Vending/Gaming Machines