Plateau HS Dock Connector

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Molex High Speed Docking Connectors (Plateau HS Dock™) feature an innovative plated plastic housing for outstanding performance and multiple options for application design flexibility.

Molex utilizes its proprietary Plateau Technology™ (plated gold housing) to create a high speed docking connector system for differential and single ended applications. This fully-shielded connector has a robust contact design that features four levels of mating (first-mate/last-break) with a compliant pin for the PCB interface. With a low mating force, guide features, various offset heights, and the ability to mate in a standard or inverted position, this high speed docking connector system is ideal for PCB blade (option card) to PCB midplane (host) applications.

The Plateau HS Dock product family also includes vertical plug and interposer assembly products for further application design flexibility. Therefore, many telecommunications equipment and computer server customers have chosen Molex's Plateau HS Dock for their current and future high speed docking connector requirements.


  • Plated plastic housing
  • ESD housing ground and low crosstalk
  • Various offset heights (from top of PCB)
  • Application design flexibility
  • 144, 120, 108, and 72 circuit sizes available
  • Design options for differential signaling
  • Two points of contact
  • Robust and reliable contact interface
  • Compliant pin
  • Advantages versus through hole and SMT
  • Guide features
  • Ensures correct mating and first-mate/last-break
  • 4 levels of mating
  • Supports hot-pluggable applications


  • Telecommunication
    • Hubs, Routers, and Switches
    • Add-In Cards to Mid-Plane or Host PCB
  • Computer Servers
    • Enterprise and Blade Servers