SPOX™ Headers and Receptacles

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SPOX™ BMI connectors offer self-aligning features in one of the smallest blind-mate packages available. The unique low-profile design of the SPOX blind-mate interface (BMI) allows for a mated stack distance of only 11.00mm (0.430″). Utilizing proven SPOX-style contacts for high reliability, the products are suitable for situations requiring highly reliable tin interfaces.

The unique dual-row panel-mounting design provides rugged support for blind-mating applications and permits up to 3.00mm (0.120″) of misalignment between connectors prior to engagement. Multiple pin counts permit design flexibility and provide for both power and signal circuitry

These dual-row 2.50mm (0.098″) products are not intermateable with the conventional single-row 2.50mm (0.098) products


  • Headers are molded in LCP high-temperature plastic
  • Panel mounting feature permits up to 3.00mm (0.120″) misalignment in horizontal and vertical directions
  • First-mate/last-break circuits
  • Robust alignment features
  • Meet lead-free processing requirements
  • Permits blind-mating of products as connectors can self-align
  • Provide sequential engagement of contacts for design flexibility
  • Virtually eliminate contact damage


  • Telecommunications
    • Hubs
    • Servers
    • Routers
  • Other Markets
    • Fan-Tray Assemblies
    • Low-Current Blind-Mating Applications
    • Lower-Current Power Supply Applications