HD Mezz™ Connector Overview

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The High Density Mezzanine (HD Mezz™) board-to-board connector is designed for computer, networking, telecommunications, storage and general market applications with high pin-count devices on mezzanine or module printed circuit boards (PCBs).

HD Mezz provides many benefits. It allows customers to simplify PCB routing without sacrificing performance, avoid the expense of large complex multi-layer boards and utilize space more efficiently within a given card slot area. Option cards may be added or upgraded to increase flexibility in design, production and testing.

The HD Mezz design has superior electrical and mechanical features that are cost competitive. The design provides a flexible tooling approach that allows for multiple stack heights and circuit size extensions. The unique Molex patented solder charge technology results in better process yields and a lower applied cost versus equivalent BGA connector products.


  • Molex’s unique, patented solder attach method
  • More cost effective and reliable than BGA attach methods
  • Data rates of up to 12.5Gb/s
  • Excellent signal clarity with a plethora of bandwidth for customer requirements in high-speed designs
  • Very flexible tooling design
  • Allows for multiple stack heights and circuit sizes and ease in tooling a new circuit size/stack height version
  • Best contact density on the market with 14 differential pairs per cm²
  • Extremely useful for space constrained designs with limited PCB real estate
  • Reliable mating interface with 2.00mm (.079'') wipe and two points of contact
  • Sufficient conductive wipe for clean signal transmission


  • High and Mid-Range Computers
    • Servers
  • Medical
    • Scanning Equipment
  • Military
  • Networking and Telecommunications
    • Network Routers and Switches
    • Mobile Base Stations