SEARAY Board-to-Board Connector

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The SEARAY* was developed for the large and growing high-density and high-performance mezzanine connector market to accommodate low-profile applications that are not suitable for HD Mezz™ products.

The SEARAY board-to-board connector is designed for computer, networking, telecom, storage and general market applications with high pin-count devices or memory modules that are mounted on mezzanine or module PC boards (PCBs).

The SEARAY connector provides many benefits. It allows customers to simplify PCB routing without sacrificing performance, avoid the expense of large complex multi-layer boards and utilize space better within a given card slot area. Option cards may be added or upgraded to increase flexibility in design, production and testing.

The SEARAY design has superior electrical and mechanical features that are cost competitive. The unique, Molex-patented, solder charge technology results in better process yields and a lower applied cost versus equivalent BGA connector products. SEARAY circuit sizes range from 160 through 500 positions, and mated stack heights cover 7mm (.276") to 13mm (.512").

*SEARAY is a trademark of Samtec, Inc.


  • RoHS Compliant solder charge for SMT
  • Recessed contacts prevent stubbing
  • Guide beams for gross alignment
  • 7.00mm to 13.00mm (.276 to .512”) mated heights
  • 100 to 500 circuits available


  • Unique Patented Solder Attachment
  • Flexible Design and Tooling
  • SEARAY Footprint
  • Robust Guidance and Polarization (for connector alignment)
  • Robust Contact Design
  • Data Rates: up to 10Gb/s