MDC Stacking Connectors


Molex offers the MDC connectors for mobile personal computer audio and modem codec solutions. The Azalia mobile daughter card (MDC) specification provides a mobile form-factor modules and interface for audio or modem or audio/modem codec solutions. The MDC specification is open to the industry to facilitate IHV validation on Azalia based codec designs.

There are 2 system interface connector for the MDC. They are the MDC 1.0 and MDC 1.5. The MDC 1.0 can apply to audio, modem, or audio and modem codec solutions and the MDC 1.5 applies to modem or audio codec solutions only. The MDC 1.0 and MDC 1.5 comes in a 30 circuits and 12 circuits configuration respectively. Molex offers the complete range of MDC connectors which covers the mated height of 3mm to 5.5 mm.


  • Multiple stack heights
  • Offers design flexibility
  • Cantilever-type gold contact
  • Reliability under severe shock and vibration
  • High Temp housing material
  • Withstands high-temperature SMT soldering process
  • Embossed tape packaging
  • Automated pick & place
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Notebook Industry