SlimStack™ Stacking Board-to-Board Connectors

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SlimStack™ is the new family name for Molex's broad range of Micro SMT stacking board-to-board connectors. The family covers stack heights from 1.50mm (.059") to 20.0mm (.787") in pitch categories of 0.35mm, 0.40mm (.016"), 0.50mm (.020"), 0.635mm (.025") and 1.00mm (.039").

SlimStack offers system designers a wide range of flexibility to meet the tight packaging needs found in applications such as PDAs, cellular phones, camcorders, notebook PCs and other compact equipment. Along with various pitch and stack options, the series covers circuit size needs from 16 to 140.

All versions are gold-plated for high reliability over multiple mating cycles. Other features include a durable blade-on-beam contact, SMT tails that create strong solder fillets, and a friction locking feature for added mating retention.


  • Cantilever-type gold contacts
  • Reliability under severe shock and vibration
  • Circuit size range of 16 to 140
  • High density design flexibility
  • Metal friction lock
  • Secure retention against shock and vibration
  • High-temp LCP housing material
  • Withstands high-temperature SMT soldering processes
  • Embossed tape packaging
  • Automated pick and place
  • Shrouded plugs and receptacles
  • Double wall strength for resistance to shock and vibration
  • Wide angled mating surfaces
  • Minimizes risk of damage during mating
  • Shroud ramp/window locks and contact-to-plastic locks
  • Extra retention between plug and receptacle


  • PDA and PIC
  • Digital Video Camera
  • Digital Still Camera
  • Cellular Phone
  • Personal Handy Phone (PHS)
  • Digital Audio Player
  • Voice Recorder
  • Notebook PC
  • Any Low-Profile Application