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Computing Architecture continues to drive forward with the demands for higher speed and lower power consumption memory solution. The Industry has responded with the introduction of DDR3. DDR3 will naturally be the replacement of the existing DDR2 technology in tomorrow's computing architecture. Both Intel and AMD have announced the released of processor chipset supporting DDR3 architecture in mid-07 and mid-08 respectively. DDR3 will become the widely adopted memory architecture for computing system in 2008 as the industry has predicated.


  • Accepts JEDEC defined module MO-269 and complies with JEDEC
  • SO-007 socket specs for 100% industry compatibility
  • High temperature thermoplastic housing for lead-free processing
  • Robust contact design ensure product suitable for high field life applications
  • Leveraging on the strong existing memory product line, many different configuration of the product (such as VLP, SMT version) will be made available in the future


  • High End Workstations
  • Servers-Blade servers
  • Telecommunication routers and switches
  • Rack-optimized servers and mainframes