Fully Buffered DIMM Connectors


The development of Fully Buffered DIMM (FB DIMM) came from the need for larger and faster memory capacity where memory coordination and accuracy at high speeds are critical which DDR2 is not capable of supporting.

The FB DIMM is a variant of the DDR2. It combines the high-speed internal architecture of DDR2 with a bi-directional point-to-point serial memory interface which links each FB DIMM module together in a chain. The difference is here in which the DDR2 uses a single memory bus.

Molex is an active member of the JEDEC work group that defines industry standards for memory. This allows Molex to ensure that all our memory sockets are 100% industry compatible


High-temperature thermoplastic housing

  • Lead-free process compatible

Accepts JEDEC defined module MO-256, complies with JEDEC SO-003 socket specifications

  • Ensures 100% industry compatibility

Dual ejector latches

  • Ensures easy module insertion and removal with minimal micro motion

Built in end key design

  • Ensures correct insertion of FB memory module

Latch tower support

  • Aids in keeping the module vertical

Beveled metal pins (forklocks)

  • Provides proper socket to PCB alignment and retention, during and after soldering



  • High-end workstations


  • Blade servers
  • Rack-optimized servers
  • Mainframe


  • Routers
  • Switches