EXTreme LPHPower™

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Designed as a new generation of power interconnect, Molex’s EXTreme LPHPower™ connector provides up to 127.0A per linear inch of space, has two isolated power blades in each housing bay and can be mated in a right angle co-planar or vertical orientation. EXTreme LPHPower™ can be mated in a traditional two piece connector system – either co-planar or perpendicular - or as a one piece receptacle to card edge / bus bar application. LPHPower can be specified with power and signal in the same housing, or as a power only or signal only connector. LPHPower can increase your free airflow up to 25% over the “standard” SSI style connector.


  • 30 amperes per blade
  • Only 7.5 mm hig
  • Blind mate capable
  • Hot plug certified
  • 2 piece mating or 1 piece card edge bus bar style mating
  • First make, last break power contacts available


  • Servers
  • Mid range & High end computing
  • Networking
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial controllers
  • Power Supplies