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EXTreme PowerPlus not only satisfies the standard SSI configurations, but this connector system has been developed into an extensive line of power and signal combinations over the years. AC and DC power blades can reside in the same housing along with signal pins. If the particular power/signal combination has not yet been developed, it most probably can be. Blind mate and hot plug certified, the PowerPlus connector is a durable interconnect for your power applications.


  • Industry standard SSI power interconnect
  • AC blade pitch 7.62 mm, DC blade pitch 6.35 mm and 5.08 mm
  • Fully shrouded plug and receptacle
  • Solder pin and press fit PCB mounting available
  • First make, last break power and signal pins
  • Rated for current interruption and hot plugging requirements
  • 30 ampere / blade current rating


  • Servers
  • Mid range & High end computing
  • Networking / Telecommunications
  • Industrial controllers
  • Power Supplies