EXTreme ZPower™

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EXTreme ZPower™ not only transfers power between boards, but can double as an effective stand-off. Offering both 50.0A and 30.0A versions, EXTreme ZPower™ can be used in a variety of applications and industries where power connection between parallel boards or bus bars is necessary in a condensed space. The engineered contact actually helps to buffer shock and vibration loads from one board to the other – something standard “U” shaped contacts can not do. ZPower can also be used as a great interconnect to get power onto the pcb using discrete wire crimped to a ring lug terminal.


  • One piece rigid board-to-board high current power interconnect
  • Press fit terminals into base board
  • Screw contact interface to mezzanine card, bus bar, or ring lug terminal
  • Internal, captured nut for ease of assembly
  • Patented internal terminal design isolates pins from the load of vibration


  • Servers
  • Mid range & High end computing
  • Networking
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial controllers
  • Power Supplies