Molex offers a complete product line of 0.50mm (.020"), 1.00mm (.039"), and 1.25mm (.049") pitch FFC jumpers to terminate to ZIF (zero insertion force) and Non-ZIF FFC connectors for a flexible interconnection between two PCBs or a PCB and a display unit.

Premo-Flex FFC jumpers are available in different circuit sizes (up to 50) and standard lengths. Besides various standard versions, Molex offers FFC jumpers in custom lengths upon request.

They are available with the contacting area on the same side (Type A) or the opposite side (Type D) to mirror signal layout between PC Boards.

Premo-Flex FFC jumpers allow a high temperature environment up to 105°C to meet industry standard requirements. FFC designs are also available for Automotive Bus System wiring, enabling proper Impedance Continuity between 83-150Ω and optionally screening against EMI/RFI influences.

Features & Benefits:

  • FFC jumpers allow a light and small planar structure
    • Accommodates a high density wiring solution
  • All products are available in different circuit sizes at dedicated custom lengths (up to 50)
    • Provides design flexibility
  • Contact area on same or opposite side of jumper
    • Mirrors signal layout between printed circuit boards
  • FFC products allow a high temperature environment up to 105° C (higher specification available upon request)
    • Meets industry standard requirements
  • Suitable for movable extension of printed circuit boards and/or displays units
    • Provides design flexibility
  • FFC Jumpers are used in many industries and applications where the total installed cost is considered important
    • Provides design flexibility and cost savings
  • Packaged offerings of FFC jumpers and connectors (standard or custom designed) 
    • Enables attractive pricing and support, and supplier reduction programs
  • Jumpers are complimentary to the extensive Molex line of FFC connectors 
    • FFC connectors provide strong securing options and perfect conductor alignment


  • Computers / Peripherals
    • Notebook PCs
    • Keyboards
    • Printers
    • LCD Flat Panel
    • Scanners
  • Entertainment/Consumer
    • Set Top Box
    • Camcorders
    • CD Players
    • Video Games
    • Plasma Displays
  • Other Industries
    • Automotive
    • Military
    • Medical
    • Industrial

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