Molex offers the following Product Families that relate to fiber optic assemblies connectors.

Molex Fiber Optic Cable AssembliesFiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Available in both standard and custom configurations. (View More)

Molex MTP/MPO Cable Assemblies MTP/MPO Cable Assemblies
MTP/MPO connectorized ribbon fiber cable assemblies provide reliable high performance interconnects of up to 24 fibers in a small footprint. (View More)

Molex MTP Optical Round Ribbon Cable Assemblies MTP Optical Round Ribbon Cable Assemblies
Round ribbon cables allow greater flexibility when routing multiple jacketed cables in dense system networks. (View More)

Molex Optical Break-Out Cable AssembliesOptical Break-Out Cable Assemblies
Extensive line provides the flexibility to select the best transition method while optimizing real-estate space savings. (View More)

Molex SMC Connectors and Adapters SMC Connectors and Adapters
Molex SMC connectorized ribbon fiber cable assemblies provide reliable high performance interconnects of up to 12 fibers in a low profile footprint. (View More)

Molex High Density MT Cable AssembliesHigh Density MT Cable Assemblies
Offers multiple space-saving options on the front panel by using the 72-fiber MT ferrule in the industry standard MTP connector.
(View More)

Molex Circular MT Cable AssembliesCircular MT Cable Assemblies
High-density Circular MT Cable Assemblies designed for critical, high-reliability applications. (View More)

Molex Array Connectors and Adapter SystemArray Connector and Adapter System
The array connector and adapter system provides a high fiber density chassis-to-chassis interconnect solution. (View More)

Molex Industrial Optical connectorIndustrial Optical Assemblies
Incorporates the high performance of a fiber optic connection with the versatility of a rugged industrial connector. (View More)

Molex Sealed SFP AssembliesSealed SFP Assemblies
Gain valuable PCB real estate with Molex’s Industrial SFP Assemblies. (View More)

Molex LC Loopback connectorLC Loopback Assemblies
Provides a stable and convenient means for testing optical SFP and SFF devices in numerous applications. (View More)

Molex PM Fiber connectorsPM Fiber Assemblies
Specifically designed to provide high Extinction Ratios (ER) with accurate alignment to the key and low insertion losses.

Molex Attenuator connectorsAttenuator
A passive device approach to optical power management by controlling optical power levels and preventing network equipment damage. (View More)

Molex Pluggable MSA connectorsQuad Small Form-factor Pluggable MSA Solution
The QSFP cage and cable assemblies are part of a highly-integrated system that combines optimal real estate, power and port density. (View More)

Molex Optical Fuse connectorsOptical Fuse
The optical fuse is a passive component designed to protect expensive equipment and fiber cables from becoming damaged during power spikes and surges. (View More)