LC Loopback Assemblies

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Optical LC Loopback assemblies offer a rugged and compact test solution

Molex's family of LC Loopback assemblies provides a stable and convenient means for testing optical SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) and SFF (Small Form Factor) devices in numerous applications. The rugged and compact design of the loopback assembly incorporates a contoured grip/handle which allows for easy installation and removal. A durable thumb latch and a compact size allows for installation in ganged and belly-to-belly applications with no interference. Molex loopback assemblies are available in singlemode, multimode 50/125µm and multimode 62.5/125µm fiber sizes. Loopback assemblies are only sold as assemblies


  • Protected fiber loop
  • Contoured housing / handle
  • 100% optical testing
  • Available with singlemode or multimode fiber
  • Compact size
  • Short length
  • Attenuated versions available
  • Prevents damage to fiber during use and handling between uses
  • Provides a secure handle for easy insertion and removal of the assembly
  • Ensures high level of quality and performance
  • Provides a solution for equipment used with any type of fiber installed
  • Easily works in individual, ganged or belly-to-belly applications without interference
  • Shorter than a standard LC connector to allow for ample panel-to-door clearance
  • Allows use with higher power transceivers to eliminate detector saturation or simulate a longer fiber path (network testing)



  • High speed device testing
  • Server testing
  • Router testing


  • ATM Testing:
  • Fibre Channel testing
  • Gigabit Ethernet testing

Other Markets:

  • Device burn-in
  • Lab testing
  • System troubleshooting